Yimi client web app

Please input the information you wish to provide now or later to a service provider.

Your data is provided directly to the service provider and is never stored permanently by us. Personal information is stored on your device only, whether you are using our web interface or our mobile app.

Levels of information to include:

(0) Name and surname

(0) Mobile phone number

(0) E-mail address

(0) Physical address

(0) Postal address

(1) Other phone number

(2) National ID or passport number

(2) Bank name

(2) Bank account number

(2) Bank branch code

(2) Bank account type

(3) Medical fund

(3) Medical fund number

(3) Medical fund member

(3) Medical notes

(3) Emergency contact

(4) Employer

(4) Employer contact detail

(4) Position at employer

(4) Income tax number

Attach files here, if required.

Enter PIN 1 which a service provider has given you just now, if you have it, and wish to transmit the information now.


If the service provider is not registered with Yimi, direct them to the free Yimi SP at sp.yimi.pw.

This system is undergoing beta testing and the user acknowledges that no guarantee of accurate or appropriate functioning is given.

We welcome the feedback of beta users and our contact details are on the main Yimi Website www.yimi.pw.